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Thank you so much for the Llama!
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Thank you for the llama. ^w^
Sun Jan 22, 2017, 11:48 PM
Thank for this awesome Lama!
Fri Jan 6, 2017, 12:19 PM
Thanks for the llama~!
Fri Dec 23, 2016, 1:11 PM
hey you might enjoy her works: :D #dragonsROCK
Wed Dec 21, 2016, 7:32 PM
Thank You for the lama!
Tue Dec 6, 2016, 11:53 PM
Thx for the llama it made a strong and happy :D
Sat Nov 12, 2016, 10:06 AM
Thanks everyone c:
Sun Oct 30, 2016, 12:51 PM

OC Questionnaire!

Sat Apr 22, 2017, 2:31 PM

In case you wanna see the guys answering this check out: The Crew by Syvaender and  Tension by Syvaender (From left to right: Pharao, Lengai, Sorex, Extasy, Apollon, Francis and Kalymna)

Yay it's time for the OC questionnaire c: Thanks everyone for submitting questions. It seems like most of you are interested in Extasy, haha. I guess I should've seen that coming since she's my sona and all^^.


DrakeTheAngel asked: 

"First off, what got you into making characters?"

Syvaender: This is kinda difficult because I can't really recall ever NOT having any OCs. I guess the idea of coming up with a cool design just always fascinated me. Back in the day "lore" was unknown vocabulary to me though so all my "OCs" were just empty cans that might look shiny on the exterior but inside there was nothing but stale air, haha. The first character that truly got a name was Krahs here:…

He was your typical edgy kid's OC being all ebil and stuff with scars all over and damn look at those burning horns. But since he's the first OC I ever came up with I also adopted him back in my pool of characters later in my life and redrew him several times like here:…

Then there's the first OC which I remember to have some sort of background story:…
Her name was Arka and tbh the only reason she had any kind of lore was because I used her in forum roleplay.

I guess the humble beginnings of my making OCs was my fascination with designing cool looking creatures. I only later learned that to be a true/less empty OC one needed a bit of background story, some personality and optimally be drawn more than once xD

"Secondly, Extasy. What's your favorite sweet and outdoor activity."

Extasy: I love flying! I also enjoy many water related activities, whether that's swimming, diving or just hanging out in a body of water. To be honest with all my fur, hair and feathers I'm not the most apt at those activities but one doesn't need to be proficient to enjoy, right?
I don't get regular "sweets" if you're thinking of candy. I do like nashi pears though and they are sweet. Do those count?

JasonCarr asked Extasy:

"Do any of you like pranks or do you think they're stupid? And what pranks have been pulled on you / what pranks have you pulled on others?"
Extasy: I honestly don't recall ever pulling a prank. If it's all in good fun and noone gets harmed I do enjoy a prank if it's pulled of in a creative way. Yes even if I happen to be the victim I:

"If you or someone you knew was being attacked and you've exhausted all other avenues of defense, would you kill them? And have you killed anyone before?"

Extasy: I'm kind of breaking the fourth wall here but before I revamped the story of Aves I was included in it and killed a few other characters. Since that is no longer canon no, I have never killed anyone. If the attack would promise to be lethal or at least end in serious injury I would go all out in the defence of myself or my friends though.

"How do you prefer to interact with strangers? Are you more introverted or extroverted on initial contact, and does that change as you get to know them?"

Extasy: I consider myself an introvert. I'm not exactly on the shy end of the spectrum but prolonged social contact exhausts me. I need alone-time to recharge those batteries. There are a few select individuals that do not seem the discharge those batteries, Apollon and my friend ieskika being the two most prominent examples.

"This one's easy: what's your favorite food/drink? c:"

Extasy: As I said earlier I like Nashi Pears :D. But for a real meal I prefer myself some salmon or tuna! The latter are hard to catch. So big. Always feels like a waste because I'm such a tiny eater I:


pezwolf asked:

"Either to the Artist or to the Draggos themselves, 'Is it true about dragons hoarding? And if so, what is your hoard primarily consist of?'"

Syvaender: It depends on the dragons character I guess. As far as I know of all my dragons my sona is the biggest hoarder. As Nahyon once very accurately illustrated here:…

She hoards keyboards*. Just as I do. They just kinda piled up ;A;… (100% accurate depiction of my room xD, it was really untidy ok)

*not canonically in my headworld tho xD

PrismatDragoon asked:

"Sorex, would you let a human ride on your back?"
Pedro (Sorex can't "talk", Pedro is his translator): He would! If he thinks you're nice. He only knows a few Kalleyu, a Polymeia and me though. But since Kalleyu are not that different to you guys I guess he shouldn't be that weirded out by you initially or at least grow accustomed to your weird looks quickly. *to Sorex* OH sorry bud I went on a tangent there. He asks when and where and whether or not you bring snacks. Very important if you want him to like you *nods silently*.


"How would you react if someone would start flirting with you?"

Pedro: Sorex doesn't know what flirting is. He's not ever met another dragon yet, so his contact to the ladies was only interspecific. Not a great base to get yourself into the mood if you get what I mean. *to Sorex* Sorry bud I'm not going to explain that, you're too young for it! *moody grumbling in the background* No it's ok. I uhh...will tell you once your older?

"Lengai, ever thought about getting into a relationship?"
Lengai: I might have. Once. When I was younger. But I have forgotten about the lad certainly and about the feeling. *falls silent for a while"

A nuisance. Probably. I can't imagine a female coping with my...duties.


"What annoys You most?"

Lengai: *sarcastic*Oh by the guardians I can't for the life of me recall the last time someone or something annoyed me~

There are...a few things. People overstepping their boundaries. Disrespect. Ignorance. Simple...stupidity.
It'd please me if you were to never bring that up again. There's enough annoyance in my life as it is. You're starting to become one of them. *slowly approaches with a red glow in between the jaws*

"Pharao, what keeps You on trying to survive?

What will be first thing when You will get out of the tomb?"
Syvaender: Since Pharao's mind has degenerated past the point of verbal expression I'll answer those.
I can only guess it's hatred that keeps him going, and the wish of vengeance. And I guess every living being has the innate desire to stay alive. Pharao apparently is sturdy enough to live with the pain without it robbing him of his will to live.

"Francis, how did you meet Kalymna?"

Actually idk if I do not maybe want to revamp this part of the story^^'

Francis:"I was captain of a galley that was set out to map the banks of a river flowing through Til'Ono. I do a lot of mapping jobs or...well the cartographers do the mapping, I just do the...being in charge of the ship. But back to topic. We anchored one night and I went out with the hunters to get some fresh food for the caboose. That's when I met her getting fresh water for her village. You gotta know some of the gods that Kalleyu worship look awfully similar to my species so needless to say she was a tad bit...surprised to see me.

"Kalymna, what do You think about dragons?"

Kalymna:"I think they are amazing! In fact I'd love to breed one from an egg and raise him to be my tiny pet forever."
Francis:"You know they get big, dove."
Kalymna:"Yeah sure I know, but within my heart he'll always be my tiny lapdog even if he grows to be big enough to be ridden. In fact I'd love that as well! Wouldn't that be cool?"
Francis:"Sure...I can't imagine anything more fabulous than being restrained to the back of another creature miles in the air. *shudders*"
Kalymna:"Hmm. I think I'd feel the same if my lower body was that of a snake. You'd probably strangle the poor guy by clinging to him."

Syvaender: Editors note here: Kalymna hasn't met dragons yet and only heard about them from Francis.


kz2101 asked :

"Extasy, what do you think of this scrub-lord named Syvaender?
Here's a link to her creepy Deviantart:…
Extasy: Did you just call me scrub-lord? :c

We're one and the same person except I'm a dragon and thus much cooler!

Syvaender: Disclaimer- I don't consider myself kin and don't feel like I've ever been or lived as Extasy. But she's my alter ego and thus I never bothered coming up with a personality for her because she can have mine? Idk ^^. Basically talking to Extasy is talking to me if I were a flying green furball that can spit fire. It leads to some differences in responses but not that many xD.

"Also, why is your name Extasy, like a perfume? And that's a question for both of you, if you know what I mean."

Syvaender: Back when I was designing her I was obsessed with two different songs one of which mentioned the name Laila and one repeatedly mentioned the word Ecstasy. So it was bound to become one of the two. I then proceeded to think it through and eventually got to the conclusion that Ecstasy is abstract enough for me to keep on liking it whilst it just takes a single person named Laila that's an asshole to ruin the name for me xD. I'm still happy with that decision. And it's spelled wrong/differently because I think it's cooler that way :E


Shinerai asked:

"Pharao, what is your most fleeting yet craved emotion, if any?"
Syvaender: Sorry but I gotta answer for this guy c:.
I suppose the simple concept of normality is what escapes him and what he would like to feel once in a while. What does normal feel like though. Satisfaction maybe? With a tinge of happiness? Or at least the absence of pain and discomfort. I think the latter is more of a general normal-baseline.

"Lengai, do you trust anyone with your life?"

Lengai: Trust is deceiving. I have a few...acquaintances among the polymeia who report back to me. They see for me and hear for me. In combat they would be useless. Just like every other of those stick-bodied races. But I would trust their information if my life depended on it. Are you happy with that answer?.

"If you could bring anyone back to life, who would it be?"

Lengai: You can't! How often have I stopped fools who had taken leave of their wits in the process of tearing a hole in the continuum for the sole purpose of 'bringing back a loved one'. Death is finite. The result of your effort would be life without substance. Are you really selfish enough to inflict that upon your decedents? Pity.

"Sorex, what is the weirdest thing about you? Are you proud of it?"

Pedro: Hmm I suppose his heritage is weird enough. Wadda you think big boy? *reaffirming snore* Yeah. He's been a dor...dor....door-mat?* egg for a while before Dunraz found him and made him hatch. So he's been raised by a Polymeia although he's a dragon and then he in turn raised me but since I'm a quickstarter in terms of development I'm now sort of the nanny? I think that counts and I also think he's proud of that. *more reaffirming snoring in the background*

*editors note: dormant c;

"Lyeshen, Have you ever been in trouble with the law?"
Lyeshen: I have! Accidentally...
You know where I come from -it's a small village very far off- it's custom to tap someones doorframe -they do look a little different though than those in Lyeshkao because they're not square and not wooden- actually the houses are made from clay- uhh...where was I? OH! Yeah you tap the doorframe before you enter. That's just some sort of weird custom -honestly I don't know what it derived from- but it's considered polite for some reason.
Sooo when I first came to Lyeshkao -I was already a man grown but so far I've never been to other populated areas other than my village and a few neighbouring villages with the same customs- so when I came to Lyeshkao first I just...thought it was custom there as well so I went and tapped everyones doorframe before I entered! And for some reason -i don't really know why I guess noone really noticed for a while- I did it for a few weeks until eventually -I don't recall where I wanted to go that night, maybe a bar? So I walked up to that bar on the sidewalk and a guard was approaching going the other way -he walked down the other side of the street- and naturally I went to tap the doorframe all over before entering the bar. "Hoy!" someone suddenly shouted -boy that gave me a start! "What are you doing there!"

That's the day when I learned that you in fact do not that in Iieryhopae.
I had a hard time explaining to the guard that caught me in the act that I in fact did not try and do anything suspicious. I was really embarrassed :C

"Extasy, do you believe honesty is the best policy?"

Extasy: Yes.

Short answer, I know. Of course I'm guilty of a few white lies. At least I'd like to consider them white lies. But if it comes to bigger things I really prefer to tell the truth. Lying about one thing just leads to more and more lies to not make the whole structure fall apart. I don't want to be in that situation.

But I did tell I was stripped of cash a few times when friends asked me to do things that I didn't feel like doing u-u.

"Apollon, what was the most terrifying moment of your life so far?"

Apollon: Meeting Extasy for the first time [/sarcasm?]*

Extasy: Hey! :c

*maybe? idk. I hope so

Alright that was lots of fun! Everyone that liked any of the questions can feel free to have their own OCs answer them c: 
This also was a good exercise for writing their different personalities. I still need lots of practise concerning that c: .



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